Content Creation / Management / Translation

Researching and translating, presenting and conveying, maintaining and managing of information contents – mainly in the Internet – are my profession & passion.

Text Production

Text Production

Web Content, SEO copywriting, PR, specialist press articles (Internet, Web technology), ...
Online Editing

Online Edit­ing

Retrieving, developing, editing Web content elements; CSS, HTML; Optimizing media (e.g. video, images, graphics), ...
Content Management

Content Manage­ment

Interlinking, updating, maintaining, developing Web Content; Establishing information architecture; Usability ...
Web Professionalism

Web Pro­fessionalism

Preparing, migrat­ing infor­mation data; Con­figuring CMS (mainly TYPO3); Researching functional modules; ...
Specialist Translations

Specialist Trans­lations

Language pair: English-German, Fields: mainly PR, Marketing, Technical, IT; TM/CAT tools (mainly Trados) ...

Be present: The world is growing faster and closer everywhere - and so are the (traditional) professions.

Be aware: Just as in my personal case where all fields of professional knowledge/activity interact with, merge into and stimulate each other. Therefore, I have chosen to set up a flexible profile as content allrounder who loves to dig for - and re-find - his deep professional roots (Philology, Applied Linguistics = Content Creation / Translation / Management) in whatever project.

Be flexible: A Copywriter should not only love his language(s) but also be familiar with the "surroundings" where his words are "hanging out". A Translator without of practical expertise and authentic media skills would hardly be able to win a tender. An Online Editor should be trained in covering - as well as translating! - the contents. A Content Manager should keep an overview of all his online publishings without losing his keen eye for content details. And a Web Professional should be able to present technological aspects at a high level of soft skills and minimize the use of techie jargon.