Customized Copywriting

Researching, creating, optimizing text content

My task as Freelance Copywriter is to create texts in such a way that the implicit message reaches the desired target group. Key challenge: Transfering facts that are hardly to grasp into a clear, concise and eye-catching wording. Due to my comprehensive Web knowledge I enjoy producing sucessful textual content for websites (Catchword: SEO).

Content Creation: Textual Production

  • Consulting, research
  • Imaginative conceptual strength
  • Writing of text types for distinct uses and target groups (from formal to informal styles)
  • Focus: Web Content, PR, newsletter, technical texts (mainly IT, Internet, software)

Text Optimization

  • Editing, correcting, proofreading
  • Refining extisting texts
  • Customizing existing texts to the media output (Online, Print, Data Base)

Qualification as Copywriter

_Base: Creativity, wealth of ideas, linguistic intuition, analytical power
_Skills: University degree in Literature and Linguistics
_Skills: Professional training as Consultant for New Media
_Plus: Freelancing with media companies, journalist offices and more (e.g. HORIZONT.NET)
_Plus: Wide range of experience as Copywriter (since 2000)