Online Editing

Researching, retrieving, editing onPage content types

My task as Freelance Online Editor is to edit content types (mainly text, images) on webpages, create own or review extraneous contributions. I produce web-compatible contents, insert them into the website (= online offering) and play a vital part in Page Building. In this context, I have been working for Internet agencies, NGOs, associations and business companies since 2000.

Web Content Creation: Online Editing of Web Content Elements

  • Content elements: Researching, retrieving, creating, editing
  • Web-compatible review of textual contents
  • Creating/Integrating additional media formats (images, graphics, sound, movies)
  • Application of relevant SEO factors
  • Integration of style guidelines (Corporate Design / Identity)
  • Integration of usability guidelines (HTML, CSS, image editing)
  • Sophisticated verbal and written communication skills in German and English


  • Onpage content structure: Conceiving, coordinating, interlinking
  • Establishing onpage navigation logics

Qualification as Online Editor

_Base: University degree in Literature and Linguistics
_Base: Professional training as Consultant for New Media
_Base: Correspondence couse "Journalist" (partial completion)
_Plus: Longtime cooperation with media companies, journalist agencies and information service providers
_Plus: Longtime experiences in cross-medial work
_Skills: Self-educated training since 2000 (SEO, Web 2.0, Social Media, correspondence course "Journalist")
_Tools: MS Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and others