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The media office lives for - and by! - two universes: the universe of language(s) and the universe of the Internet. Both claim unlimited dimensions, have their 'borderless' secrets, and establish(ed) their very own cultures. I'm fascinated by both spheres because they are breathing never ending vitality and are continually recreating themselves."

My conclusions: Researching and translating, presenting and conveying, maintaining and managing of information contents – mainly in the Internet – have become my profession & passion.

Willi Ruppert M.A.

Literary Scolar, Linguist, Social Scientist
New Media Consultant
Self-employed Media Professional
Founder of the Media Office ""
Senior Expert

Services at a glance

Text Production

Text Production

Web Content, SEO copywriting, PR, specialist press articles (Internet, Web technology), ...
Online Editing

Online Edit­ing

Retrieving, developing, editing Web content elements; CSS, HTML; Optimizing media (e.g. video, images, graphics), ...
Content Management

Content Manage­ment

Interlinking, updating, maintaining, developing Web Content; Establishing information architecture; Usability ...
Web Professionalism

Web Pro­fessionalism

Preparing, migrat­ing infor­mation data; Con­figuring CMS (mainly TYPO3); Researching functional modules; ...
Specialist Translations

Specialist Trans­lations

Language pair: English-German, Fields: mainly PR, Marketing, Technical, IT; TM/CAT tools (mainly Trados) ...