Content Management

Interlinking, updating, developing onSite content elements

My task as Freelancer Content Manager is to conceive, coordinate and optimize the content organization/information architecture of websites (Web Building). Since 2000, I have been working in this web publishing context for Internet agencies, NGOs, associations and business companies to organize the content of their Internet presences. I act as the interface between editorial and web technical staff and assure a flawless cross-page, web publishing quality of the overall web presence.

As Senior Web Expert and CMS Power User (Level: Certified TYPO3 Integrator) I am familiar with many web technolgical backgrounds and a powerful Open Source Web Content Management System.

Content Management: Information Architecture & Organization

  • Experiences derived from the daily use of huge open source content management systems in action (TYPO3, Adobe Adobe Experience Manager, CQ4/5)
  • Power User know how  concerning HTML, CSS, web design, web technologies, web server administration, tools
  • Acquisition, selection and support of external suppliers (image, graphics, sound, movies)
  • Integration of style guidelines (Corporate Design / Identity)
  • Coordination and supervision of the entire project, if required
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance (any content types)


  • Information architecture (= overall onSite content structure)
  • Establishing onSite navigation logics
  • Usability guidelines

Qualification as Content Manager

_Base: Professional training as Consultant for New Media
_Plus: Cooperation with information service providers (e.g. HORIZONT.NET)
_Plus: Longtime maintenance of huge fnfosites (e.g. Informationsverbund Asyl & Migration, PRO ASYL)
_Plus: Realization of many web/TYPO3 projects
_Skills: Comprehensive hand-on knowledge base
_Skills: Self-educated training since 2000 (SEO, Web 2.0, Social Media)