Vita: Willi Ruppert &

Two tiny, fine life stories ...

Fascinated by the multilateral phenomenon 'language' since school time (I graduated in English and Latin), the passion for 'verbal moments' and the 'linguistic power of figurative expressions' have never left me again.

Basics: Degree in Philology (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Out of this passion my decision was born to study the Humanities, in particular American and Russian Studies (majors: Linguistics, Social Science, Literature) at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main. Before, while and after studying I collected a wide variety of colorful experiences, e.g. by providing the compulsory civil service (Zivildienst), traveling foreign countries, enjoying life and its adventures, working as a Frankfurt night cabbie and more. Thus, in 1999 Alma Mater sent a mature Master of Arts and classical Content Creator into the world.

Fine tuning by vocational (and continuous self-educated) training

In the mid-nineties a second inevitable passion crossed my path of life - the cultural phenomenon Computer, especially the world of the Internet. Severely infected by the 'Online-Virus', I decided to add a profound professional education as New Media Consultant. During twelve challenging months I gained necessary insights and essential professional knowledge: Programming languages (HTML, JavaScript), digital image processing, basics of multimedia, online research, journalistic texting, WWW-technologies and more. Internships and freelance jobs finally topped my professional skills as Online Journalist, Web Designer and Webmaster.

Pleasure in language work …

Interships, my frelance work as part-time journalist as well as the correspondence course "Journalist" ensured my occupational fine-tuning as "Scribe".

... in web technological matters ...

From January to November 2000 I was employed as Project Manager, Web Designer and Online Journalist with an Internet&Ecommerce Service Provider in Frankfurt/Main where I deepened my professional knowledge of web-based technologies (webmastering, administration of web servers / databases).

… and in media-specific handicraft

Mastering common MS Office applications and web / creativity software tools is the second base of my online handicraft. Creating, editing and maintaining digital datasets (text, images and more) are well skilled tasks. As Web Professional I acquired in-depth insights into the Internet technologies. The professional handling of Web Content Management Systems (primarily TYPO3) is the inevitable outcome of countless hours of self-educated activity. Thus, curiosity, interest and perseverance formed my today's level as TYPO3 Power User (~ Certified TYPO3 Integrator).

Establishing my Media Office ""

In November 2000, I launched my Office for Language and Web Services "". Since then, I have been working as a Freelancer, in fact as Copywriter, Online Editor, Content Manager, and Web Professional. My degree in American Philology, my linguistic knowledge of the English language and my acquired terminology/expertise (mainly Internet, web technology, IT, software, technical knowledge, marketing) enable me to work as Specialist Translator (BDÜ Membership; EN <> DE).

Since 1999, gaining work experiences in projects, projects, projects …

Over the past years I have been working for NGOs very frequently. My primary task was to maintain/extend the contents of their (very) comprehensive infosites. On the other hand, various content jobs challenged my productive creativity as Copywriter. When implementing many small-scale web projects, I gained valuable hands-on knowledge of very different aspects in the Crossmedia / Web production line. Translation projects required my abilities as Linguist und Project Manager.

Particularly relevant for self-employed professionals: Trained strong soft skills

In longstanding client relationships my freelance work was/is so seamlessly integrated into their specific internal organizational workflows that my proven social skills (in particular customer-oriented behavior, reflection, communicativeness, team spirit, flexibility, reliability) are called for. Furthermore, creativity, effectiveness and self-motivation turned out to be guarantors of my success as self-employed professional.