Working in fast-paced, forward-looking business fields like the digital creative economy and translation industry primarily means that you should never look back - except of course on the professional experiences. And there was plenty of possibilities to gain valuable expertise - and I took advantage of them.

Text Produc­tion

Online­ Editing, Content Manage­ment, Web Pro­fession­alism

Specialist Translations

Be informative: When realizing some 50 web projects I have been confronted with many typical problems in the Web production line. Approx. 3,500,000 words needed to be transferred, refined and placed into the target languageset - nicely formatted and delivered in time. Unfortunately, I could never, by any stretch of the imagination, add up the total word amount of my textual products but you can take one fact for granted: they were many, even very many ...

The possibly most relevant information: I never missed a single deadline!